Retiring from Zuma Blogging

Since I haven’t had anything new to post in quite some time, I’m going to retire from Zuma blogging.  Of course, I’ll leave up the site, but I won’t maintain it and I’ve put in approval and site log-in requirements for posting so at least it doesn’t get filled with spam.  Thank you to my readers and all those who have added insight with your comments.  I hope Zuma360 brought some fun to the blogosphere.  I will continue blogging at my science and life blog, ribonucleoblog, and I have a cooking blog I’m trying to get off the ground as well.  Check out Flour on my Keyboard!111


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  1. * djp72 says:

    what a shame!!

    i was hoping to hear anything about you playing zuma on the iPod…
    how did u go?

    Posted 10 years, 9 months ago

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