Sharp Shooter Obtained; Achievements Completed

A few days ago I earned the last achievement on my list:  Sharp Shooter.  I thought I’d feel elated.  I thought I’d have new insights into the game.  But, no.  That was last week and I wasn’t even motivated enough to blog about it until now.  I am more certain now than ever that it is pure luck:  Luck of having the right string of balls come out.  Luck of having the right color of ball lined up to shoot.  I shot one ball towards the middle of the chain.  This spurred a chain of events annihilating all of the balls.  End of story. 

I know many, many people who have not even finished the game earned this long before me.  Maybe they’re more dedicated, lucky, or know something I do not.  I completed level 1-1 in 6 seconds about a hundred times before this, so my guess is luck. 



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